is happy to be back at Elmwood and excited to be a part of this wonderful cast. He loves short walks to his bed and sipping Coolattas in hail storms. Big thanks to friends and family, especially Mom, Dad, Monika and Oma for supporting him in every endeavor. Thanks to his RTC family for all their support and kindness! Much love to Cal Chiang for helping him move! Favorite roles: Jean Valjean (Les Misรฉrables), Shrek (Shrek), Grandfather (Ragtime), Chairman (Drood), Caldwell B. Cladwell (Urinetown), Beadle (Sweeney Todd), John Hinckley (Assassins). Various Roles in Broadway Cabarets: Edna (Hairspray), Pumbaa (Lion King), Igor (Young Frankenstein), Sancho (Man of La Mancha), Barfee (Spelling Bee), Wizard (Wicked), Gaston (Beauty and The Beast), Franki Valli (Jersey Boys). Nick is also in various Dale Does productions – check them out on YouTube. If you want a full list of his production credits, you can ask him yourself.

As A Cast Member: