Todd Brown

Todd finds speaking in the 3rd person unnerving. But he’s stoked to be in his 1st show at Elmwood Playhouse. Recently he was in The Great Gatsby (Tom Buchanan) with The Red Monkey Theater Group, Dracula and the Theater of Doom (Dracula) with Anywhere Theatre Company, and Sleepy Hollow Meets the Headless Horseman (Giant Evil Pumpkin) with Pancake Productions. He was on The Conan O’Brien Show a few times as well, in bits written by his buddy, Brian Stack, and he did a German TV commercial once for a brand he can’t remember. He can be seen regularly doing improv at Young Ethel’s in Brooklyn and wearing ill-advisedly tight spandex when riding his bike. He studied acting at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and improv at The ARK Theater in Madison, The Second City in Chicago (briefly), and in NYC at Magnet Theater and The PIT. He works in advertising, but he is a husband and a dad.

As A Cast Member:

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