Welcome the new Board members and new Officers!

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We are excited to announce the new Elmwood Playhouse Board of Directors and officers for 2021 – 2022!

Voting was held online from June 1 to June 7, and the newly elected Board members were announced at the June monthly meeting, held virtually. Seven candidates ran for three positions. The newly elected Board members will each serve three year terms. Congratulations to Steve Bermack, Alison Costello and Jimmy Lugo!

In addition, the term that was held by Larry Gabbard, who sadly passed away this year, needed to be filled. This was not one of the elected positions. The Board asked Hasan Gray to step in for the remainder of Larry’s term and he has accepted, pending a vote by the Elmwood membership at the next monthly meeting as stipulated in the Elmwood Playhouse constitution.

The Board of Directors and officers are:

President: Lisa Spielman

Vice President: Alison Costello

Treasurer: Ed Lamprich

Secretary: Steve Bermack

Members: Gail Fleur, Hasan Gray (pending), Claudia Stefany, Jimmy Lugo, Margaret Young.

We are overwhelmingly grateful to Steve Taylor for his extraordinary service as President for the past five years, as well as to John Ade for his service in positions as Treasurer and Secretary, for the past three years. We look forward to seeing them at the Playhouse in other capacities, and to moving forward in this challenging and creative time.

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