Now that Elmwood has resumed live monthly membership meetings (with a zoom option) the February workshop will be presented live. A celebration of being literally back on the boards as with our current season. In honor of this the theme is ‘New Beginnings’. There will be ten performers each presenting a short monologue, poem or song sheading light on the various aspects of new beginnings. There is the new beginning of birth followed by many transitions thru life ending with the new beginning presented by death. Some beginnings are exciting and filled with possibility, some are catalyzed by letting go of something, others by taking a first step to face a personal fear, some moving into an expression of one’s power and then stepping back, sometimes personal loss and trauma can place one in limbo from moving forward, and in rare moments a new beginning can present itself as if it is a visitation from the Gods. From Ovid to Rumi to Nora Ephron to James Taylor as well as original pieces by Elmwood members we invite you to join us after the February 7th membership meeting (in person if possible) to join our actors and our theatre as we move into a new beginning.

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