Zoom Reading of Shaw’s “Man and Superman”

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Derek Tarson is very pleased to announce that the Public Domain Players reading of George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman” is now cast. While he was dubious about whether anyone would want to audition for a play reading on Zoom, he actually had a great turnout of 24 auditioners (and his casting notice was picked up on allcasting.com, and he got emails of interest from actors in Little Rock, Oklahoma City, and California – none of whom, however, followed through, and are not included in the 24 auditioners). Many thanks to all who did audition and I will try to use as many people as I can for the next reading.

The cast of “Man and Superman” is:

Roebuck Ramsden – Philip Cook
Octavius Robinson – Sean Coffey
Maid – Debbie Buchsbaum
John Tanner – Kevin Vislocky
Ann Whitefield – Robie Livingston
Mrs. Whitefield – Yvonne Cole
Miss Ramsden – Misti Tindiglia
Violet Robinson – Alaina Ryan
Henry Straker – Sam Negin
Hector Malone, Jr. – Jeremy Cazes
Mendoza – Paul Russo
Anarchist – Yvonne Cole
Rowdy Social Democrat – Misti Tindiglia
Sulky Social Democrat – Ralph Bowers
Duval – Derek Tarson
Goatherd – Robie Livingston
Don Juan – Tal Aviezer
Dona Ana – Debbie Buchsbaum
The Statue – Ralph Bowers
The Devil – Robert Gulack
Officer – Robert Gulack
Hector Malone, Sr. – Derek Tarson
Stage Directions – Carol Napier

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